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What is Your Favorite Political TV Show or Movie, and Why?

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Every Thursday, the All Teen Politics team responds to a question aimed at getting us thinking as a community. Go check out our Instagram stories to respond with your own ideas, and subscribe to All Teen Politics today to be notified when we publish next week's Thursday Thoughts edition.

This week's question is: "What is your favorite political TV show or movie, and why?" Here is how our team members responded!

Anaka Malalgoda Weerakoon said: "The Thick of It - the greatest political comedy show of the UK, in my opinion. It shows the inner workings of a fictitious Conservative-led government department and honestly, it is probably pretty accurate, especially when compared to the rhetoric of Dominic Cummings in the Covid Inquiry last year. It is not only extremely funny, with a bunch of famous UK comedic actors like Peter Capaldi (also in Doctor Who!), and was written by Iannucci so you know it is fantastic anyway. Chaotic, hilarious, and is honestly one of the shows I have watched at least 5 times over! Highly recommend."

Bryson Agnew said:

"My favorite political movie is Hotel Rwanda. The filmmakers provide a relatively accurate depiction of world events, and the actors bring it to life through the emotion they put into their performances, which alone could tell a tale of fear and grief."

"Out of all the political movies, I liked 12 Angry Men the best. Originally written as a play, the plot centers around a jury trying to decide the fate of someone accused of murder. 11 are steadfast in his guilt, but one has a reasonable doubt about the case and refuses to make the decision unanimous. There are references to the amendments and themes of racial discrimination present in the film too. Overall, it’s a great drama and a thrilling look into the zeitgeist of American law and politics—especially that of the mid-20th century."


Anoushka Patel said: "The Thick of It. It's a hilarious political satire TV series based on the inner workings of a fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship department within the British government. It's very accurate to British politics today - it deals primarily with hapless ministers being manipulated by spin doctors."

"My favourite political show would have to be Boondocks a satirical American sitcom with overarching political themes. What makes Boondocks such an amazing show is its authentic portrayal of the Black-American identity, also it perfectly emulates what it's like navigating the current political landscape which can feel very isolating, especially for people with strong moral compasses like one of the main characters 'Huey.'"

"My favorite political show has to be West Wing, a drama about a US president and his staff. This show grew my love of politics and taught me so much about history and policy. Martin Sheen, who plays the President, is captivating, and the show is immensely witty. I have easily watched every episode at least twice, and a rewatch never fails to inspire me and give me hope in our political system and democracy."

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