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Meet the team

Annika Lilja

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Annika Lilja is a rising senior in high school who lives in Minnesota and goes to boarding school in North Carolina. She is deeply passionate about civic engagement and founded this website to encourage teens to become informed and involved in current events and politics. She hopes to study political science in college and have a career in politics in the future.


Anoushka Patel

Blog Writer

Anoushka Patel is a high school student from England, United Kingdom. She is passionate about foreign policy and international relations, hoping to pursue those further in the future. In her spare time, she enjoys crime fiction, writing poems and playing mahjong. 

Andrew Hermann

Blog Writer

Andrew Hermann is a driven high school student from the bustling city of New York. With a true passion for history, politics, and government, Andrew hopes to pursue these fields in college one day. When he's not studying, you can find Andrew on the basketball court, hanging out with friends, or volunteering at his local food pantry.

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Nico Fodor

Blog Writer

Nico Fodor is a high school student at Riverdale Country School in New York City with an interest in government, history, and sports. He plans on studying East Asian Studies or Government in college. In his free time Nico enjoys playing tennis, baking, and being with friends and family.

Queenie Lin

Blog Editor

Queenie is a senior in high school in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. She is captain of her school’s Mock Trial team and serves as the Vice President of Growth and Logistics at the Institute for Youth in Policy. In her free time, Queenie enjoys walking around the city and exploring pop music from different countries.

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Eliza Dorton

Blog Writer and Editor

Eliza Dorton is a junior in high school and lives in Washington, D.C.. She has a strong passion for politics, journalism, and history and hopes to pursue these passions in the future. At school, she is on the executive board of Young Democrats and is the managing editor of her school’s student-run newspaper. When she is not at school, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, playing tennis, and swimming. 

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Akshar Patel

Blog Writer

Akshar Patel is a sophomore living in the town of Cary, North Carolina who is passionate about the field of law, current events, and history. He is the president of his school’s debate club, an active member of the Model UN club, and an ambassador for the Harvard Undergraduate International Relations Scholars Program. He enjoys hanging out with friends and family, exploring new cities, and photography and photo editing in his free time

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Peter Beys

Blog Writer

Peter Beys is a high school student at Middlesex School, a boarding school in Concord, Massachusetts, yet he lives in New York. He is interested in fields of government such as law and public policy as well as history and current events. He has taken initiatives to solve issues related to mental health and wellness; social and socioeconomic diversity, equity, and inclusion; and climate change. In his free time, he plays sports and spends time with family and friends.

India Trivikraman

Weekly Wrap-Up Writer

India Trivikraman is a high school student living in London, England. With an interest in Political Science and Journalism that prompted her to start writing for All Teen Politics, she hopes to study these subjects in university and beyond with pursuing a career. She also possesses an avid passion for history and art which she enjoys in her spare time and a GCSE qualification.

Carla Elalam

Blog Writer

Carla Elalam is a motivated junior in high school from Los Angeles, California. She is driven and  passionate about politics, specifically international politics. She finds immense joy in reading articles about global issues and watching politician debates on YouTube. She channels her love of politics into activism within her community. She is a fellow at the Grassroots Democrats HQ, president of her Pre-Law club, and is the vice president of the Maronite Youth Organization. 

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Anaka Malalgoda Weerakoon

Blog Writer

Anaka Malalgoda Weerakoon is a sixth form student from the UK. She has always been interested in politics, especially political theory, and hopes to go on to study history and politics in the future. She is also extremely passionate about political education, especially for younger children, running debate clubs for younger years, coaching World Scholars Cup teams, and leading Model UN to help everyone access politics from any age. In her spare time, you can find her reading, drawing, or learning random new things that pique her interest. 

Bryson Agnew

Blog Writer

Bryson Agnew is a high schooler from Central New Jersey, with an interest in history, public policy, and health. Besides being an attorney for his school's mock trial club and an active member of his school's MUN team, Bryson enjoys playing the bass clarinet, marching band, running track, and spending time with his family.

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Rebecca Oxtot

Blog Writer and Editor

Rebecca Oxtot is a high schooler from the Bay Area who’s interested in international relations, public policy, and history. She hopes to pursue journalism and policy analysis in the future. In her free time she enjoys running, writing prose, studying philosophy, and watching sitcoms.


Blog Writer and Editor

Maximus Hansen is a Junior in high school and lives in New York City. He is particularly passionate about Eastern European history, World geography, and diplomacy. Maximus writes for multiple school papers, is on the Student Advisory Council at the Gilder Lehrman Institute, and volunteers for Team Frank Africa. He is also an avid ice hockey player and competes in various cities across the country. 

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