Get to know the writers

Annika Lilja

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Annika Lilja is high school student who lives in Minnesota and goes to boarding school in North Carolina. She is passionate about politics and government and founded this website to encourage teens to become informed and involved in politics. She hopes to study politics and international relations and become a politician or diplomat in the future.

Taariq Ahmed

Guest Writer

Taariq Ahmed is a high school student living in Illinois, USA. He is passionate about politics and government, specifically social change and advocacy. In his free time, he enjoys writing, creating music, travelling, and spending time with family and friends. In the future, he hopes to study journalism and political science in college, and eventually become professionally involved in both fields.

Elisa Sotero

Guest Writer

Elisa Sotero is a high school student in Miami, FL. She is oratory squad captain for her school’s speech and debate team and a defense attorney on Miami Dade County’s teen court. She is passionate about politics, law, human rights, and hispanic culture and hopes to study government and work in the legal field when she is older.

Anoushka Patel

Guest Writer

Anoushka Patel is a high school student from England, United Kingdom. She is passionate about foreign policy and international relations, hoping to pursue those further in the future. In her spare time, she enjoys crime fiction, writing poems and playing mahjong.