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What is one way you have gotten involved in your community or with politics?

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This week's question is: What is one way you have gotten involved in your community or with politics, and why was it impactful?

"One way I have gotten involved in my community is by joining a local volunteer organization that works with my city's municipal government. In the past, I've attended town council meetings, having the chance to meet my community's council members. Volunteering for my town has really given me insight into how local government works and a sense as to what the day-to-day responsibilities really look like."

"I've attended several fundraisers for Maryland politicians, and it helped me see all the different constituents they have."

"As a volunteer in my city's museum, I encouraged more young people to get involved in appreciating our local history."

Nico Fodor said:

"I'm an assistant Chinese teacher on weekends and it's been very impactful because I am teaching people a new language and a different way to communicate"

Peter Beys said:

"Served food to the homeless on Thanksgiving. Helped someone campaign for the Manhattan borough president."

"I have gotten involved by interning for a congressional campaign and a presidential campaign. Both internships have given me an invaluable opportunity to hear constituent concerns through direct engagement and have helped me gain a greater understanding of what issues people are most passionate about."

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