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Women's History Month: who is a woman in politics/history you would want to meet and why?

Ruby Bridges with US Marshals leaving school (Image Under Public Domain)

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This week's question is: In honor of Women's History Month, who is a woman in politics/history you would want to meet and why?

"I would meet Ruby Bridges. It would be fascinating to talk with her about why she was so determined to integrate a school and about her other achievements. It would also be interesting to talk about how she thinks times have changed, and whether she thinks modern forms of segregation exist today."

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi because I think she has been such an impactful and inspiring woman in politics."

"I would want to meet Shirley Chrisholm because she was the first African-American American woman elected to Congress and was an inspiration to many."

"I would love to meet Ada Lovelace - she was a pioneer of computer science and a really inspiring person!"

"I would like to meet Queen Elizabeth II. Having one of the longest reigns of any monarch in European history, she had to face many incredibly difficult challenges during her time as queen. From her service in WWII to her recent death, she was a role model for millions of people, British or not. If I met her, I’m sure she would be seriously insightful."

"The Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher. I want to know what she would think of the direction the Conservative party has headed in, and how her economic policies (privatisation) have shaped the UK today."

"Angela Davis, because of how she introduced so many to intersectionality in the feminism and civil rights movement."

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