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Weekly Wrap-Up Jan 29- Feb 4

Written by India Trivikraman

Edited by Annika Lilja

Image Under Public Domain

Top Story from Asia: Myanmar Extends State of Emergency for Another Six Months

On Jan 31, Myanmar’s military regime announced the extension of their state of emergency for another six months. This is the country’s 5th extension and comes the day before the third anniversary of the coup that forced out Myanmar's democratically elected government.

The junta has continued to extend the state of emergency due to the prolonged conflict between military and opposition forces including pro-democracy citizens and other rebel ethnic militia who have taken up arms.

The extension grants Senior General. Min Aung Hlaing, the power of Commander in Chief of the armed forces, grounds to exercise full legislative, executive, and judicial powers for another six months, extending the rule of the State Administration Council (SAC).

Top Story from Europe: Farmers’ protests emerge across Europe

Farmers from countries across Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, and Greece took to the streets in protest sparked by the E.U.’s recent announcement of stricter green policies to adhere to.

These green policies require at least 4% of farmland be used for non-productive features (areas not used for farming). They also require crop rotations and mandate that farmers reduce the amount of fertiliser used by 20%. Many farmers have argued these measures will make the European agricultural sector less competitive against imports.

These aren't the only complaints, for example, people are concerned about excessive restrictions while trying to compete with foreign imports, cheap Ukrainian imports flooding the market, and governments trying to reduce rising food prices which are all in turn bankrupting farmers.

Historical events from the week:

  • February 4th, 1999: Report establishes chimpanzee origins of HIV

  • Jan 31st, 1865: Congress passes, by a vote of 121-24, the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, abolishing slavery in the United States


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