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How Does Politics Intertwine with Daily Life?

Updated: Mar 7

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In this first edition of All Teen Politics' Thursday Thoughts our team members respond to a question aimed at getting us thinking as a community. Go check out our Instagram stories to respond with your own ideas!

This week's question is: "How does politics intertwine with daily life?" Here is how our team members responded!

"Politics has a significant influence on every aspect of our lives, ranging from healthcare to education to the workforce and more. For instance, Arkansas passed the LEARNS Act recently which impacts graduation requirements and how schools operate."

"Though many ignore it, politics affects every decision we make. In a poor economy caused by a governmental decision, it can affect what we eat for dinner. In a strict school, with political tension rising throughout the world, it can affect the choice to express disdain about certain topics. That is daily life -- conversations, household menus, and even for the most unconcerned of people, politics is like a shadow which follows each and every person."

"Laws ensure that all people have the same opportunity to participate in society, and on another level, participating in politics enables people to escape their personal lives and instead reflect on and contribute to other people’s lives."

"Politics always seems to be the focus of at least one conversation a day for me. From large issues to small ones, everyone's beliefs show through in everyday life. Every day I read the news and think about the state of the country/world as it is today. Whether that means bringing my thoughts and concerns to my parents, classmates, friends, and teachers, I am more often than not thinking about this country and what it needs to do to be better."

"Politics is intricately intertwined within our daily life. From the prices of the goods we buy in the supermarket to the conflicts we watch about on the news, politics has shaped the world we live in. Political decisions influence policies created about our jobs, our schools, our housing, our healthcare, our transportation, and overall our livelihood."

Nico Fodor said:

"Politics are very important in everyone's lives. Politics determine distribution of resources, which impact people's access to opportunities. Additionally, political ideologies can shape and influence social norms that are present in everyday life."

"I see politics intertwine in my daily life as legislation is a primary mechanism to make change locally, nationally, and internationally. Thus, as politicians debate legislation daily, politics are responsible for the implications of rulings on these impactful (good/bad) policies."

"I don’t think political beliefs affect daily life all too much, but the effects that politics can have on policy or laws definitely do."

"Politics permeates our everyday lives, and directly effects the way we interact with the world. The decisions of politicians impact on what food we eat, whether we can afford to have a house, popular culture, access to welfare, education, as well as our freedoms."

"Politics is more then just news - it affects every part of our daily life. Even simple acts like walking outside or going to school are affected by politics. From international human rights laws to governmental health policies, politics governs our actions on a daily basis and the environments we are able to achieve them in - but these historical and political connections are missed by most in the daily chaos of the fast-paced world."

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