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Election Day

I like all of the rest of America, am anxiously awaiting the election results. It is such an important day marking one of the most influential Presidential Election. This single election is going to determine so much about our nation going forward. Will abortion rights be denied? What will racial injustice look like? Will there be action to address climate change? What will happen with the second amendment and gun rights? The list goes on and on.

This election is incredibly unique as well! Not only are we in the midsts of a pandemic and mail in voting is larger than ever, but our candidates for President could not be more polarized. Fromer Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump are going head to head and we have a female women of color running for Vice President on the ballot. If you are interested in more information on any of the topics I have listed or the candidates running, go check out some of my previous blog posts!

I will be posting updates regularly throughout this process as the votes are being counted. In case you were unaware, due to mail in voting, we will not have the results on election night.

I highly recommend and encourage everyone to watch the news in the next couple days and do your research. Stay excited and stay informed.

Here are some great resources for research and tools for this election.


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