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Hello, my name is Annika! I am a teenager from the United States and I love politics! Ever since my first real political talk with my parents about the 2016 presidential election, I have loved everything to do with politics and government. I love the conversations, the fast paced world in which politics lives in, and the choice of deciding your opinions and outlook with each subject. I come from a family that has always loved politics and government, and a family that has always supported my beliefs. We love to discuss not only political issues in the U.S. but also around the world, and I believe I am a better, more compassionate, and intelligent person because of it. Knowledge really is power, and I believe that ignorance is not bliss.


I have noticed that as teenagers in this generation, we are really spilt in how active we are in our knowledge of our government. Some people don’t care at all and have no interest in learning about politics and government, and some love it and want to be involved. Then there is everyone in-between, teens who want to understand but find it confusing coming people years older than them, teens who find information hard to come by, and teens who are afraid to speak up about their beliefs and opinions.


I want to help every teen on this spectrum by providing not only information, but hopefully the curiosity and the courage to become involved in the world we are inheriting. We will be running the world one day soon. Soon we will be able to vote and be apart of our society in amazing ways. When we are there, we need to be informed. Each and every one of our opinions, voices, and beliefs are so incredibly important. We need to create the change we want to see in the world, we need to take responsibility and shape the world into a better place for everyone. It is up to us.


I can no longer sit by and hope that teens will start to become active in this world, I want to do something about it. I want to create a safe environment for teens to become involved in the world we live in. I hope that I can reach even one teenager, and help them on their path to adult hood. I am no politician, I am not even a high school graduate. But I have a voice, and now a platform to help those around me. I hope that as a generation we can make the world a better place for everyone in it, and the future generations to come.


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