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The Green Party and Libertarian Party

I found out something interesting recently. There are actually four people running for President. Why is it that when you look up who is running for President you only see President Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

There are two other candidates (I am not including Kanye West as he is not on all ballots). The other candidates include:

Joe Biden (D) / Kamala Harris (D)

Howie Hawkins (G) / Angela Nicole Walker (G)

Jo Jorgensen (L) / Spike Cohen (L)

Donald Trump (R) / Mike Pence (R)

(D) stands for Democrat

(G) stands for Green Party

(L) stands for Libertarian Party

(R) stands for Republican

I'm sure you have heard of the Democrats and Republicans. But, do you know about Libertarian Party and Green Party or the candidates that represent them?

Here are the links for each of the websites of the parties of the candidates - The Libertarian Party - The Green Party - The Democratic Party - The Republican Party

There are several more parties, but today we will not focus on them.

Why is it that these parties aren't heard of often? Why aren't we able to see clearly that there are four candidates? Why do the The Libertarian Party and Green Party not get mentioned often? Why aren't Howie Hawkins and Jo Jorgensen mentioned on the polls?

A lot of this has do with money. And also the fact that they have never had a candidate that captures the attention of the American people. As for the polls, so few are voting for Howie Hawkins and Jo Jorgensen. They are simply left off the polls because the numbers are so low.

All in all it is so important that you know that you have options when voting, that you have clear and real information. Know the parties, know the candidates. Vote if you can.



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