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July 3-9

Annika Lilja

Jul 10, 2023

US Treasury Secretary Visits China, Israeli Military Operation in Jenin, Federal Election Commission (FEC) Financial Reports

Top US Story: US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited China this past week to meet with economic policy leaders. The talks covered issues including US-China economic issues and national security. Yellen is the second Biden Administration Offical to visit China in the last couple of weeks, and she said that the talks were “direct, substantive and productive.” The big takeaway: there seems to be an air of willingness to keep having these talks. Yellen has said, "I expect our staffs to be in much more regular communication about the full range of issues that we discussed that require greater work."

Top Global Story: On July 3 and 4, the Israeli military launched a massive military operation into the city of Jenin, which is situated in the occupied West Bank and includes a refugee camp. 12 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier died, and hundreds of residents were injured, including civilians. Thousands of people were displaced because of this attack, and infrastructure was destroyed. This has been Israel’s largest military operation in the West Bank since 2005 when the Second Intifada (Palestinian uprising) ended.

Update on the 2024 US Elections: The end of June marks the end of another financial quarter, and that means that it’s time for 2024 Presidential, House, and Senate candidates to file their quarterly reports for campaign fund-raising and spending with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The deadline to file is July 15th. Why this matters: the strength of any campaign is dependent on having enough money. Keeping up with these financial reports helps determine how successful a candidate can be.

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