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All Teen Politics

The Political Blog For Teens

All Teen Politics is the political blog for teens to read nonpartisan information written by teens, for teens. Dedicated to informing the youth of today, All Teen Politics is fact based, not opinion based, and is an outlet to allow teens to get political information and then form their own opinion. America, in particular, is extremely divided politically. As the years pass, it seems to be harder and harder for the country to come together and see the middle ground. As the future leaders our generation needs to come together and work towards understanding each other and developing bonds that help unite us rather than tear us apart. Working together and respecting opinions while finding the middle ground is the key to leading us into a better future. The first step to achieve this is becoming informed. Visit the blog to read nonpartisan articles and visit the forum to share your own thoughts on issues important to you! 

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Please be aware that the All Teen Politics writers aren’t journalists with a degree. ATP works to provide teenagers with nonpartisan information by having other teens write articles dedicated to informing the new generation. Our writers use high quality sources that are always listed so you can see where we get our information from. We also have a page to provide teens with the links to direct news from journalists. As always, please be aware of news bias, because even though ATP’s mission is to be as unbiased and nonpartisan as possible, simply no news source can remove all bias. ATP believes that recognizing that truth and having transparency is crucial in today's world. Please check out this page to learn more information about news bias.



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